Esports may be added to Commonwealth Games

In 2022, the esports industry is already surprising with the pace at which it is growing and with millions of fans around the world. The industry has already reached a value of $1 billion, while analysts expect this mark to grow to $13 billion by 2025.

Esports is something to be reckoned with in our time, and a big proof of this is that by 2026, this industry is planned to be included in the Commonwealth Games, which will be held in the beautiful state of Australia, Victoria.

It used to be considered impossible to see Esports at the Commonwealth Games, events have now taken a very real turn. It was previously reported that a test run of the Commonwealth Esports Championship was held at the Birmingham Stadium, England in 2022. Participants of the event responded positively and in general everything went well.

The Commonwealth Games Victoria is set to take place in 2026, with 16 games already confirmed. The organizers of the event are planning to add more sports games with a great hope to mix the event with Esports. Every year more and more people watch competitive games. Analysts predict that by 2026 the number of people who follow Esports will increase to a billion people, which means that this contribution will be a big plus for the whole event.

Since the 2026 Commonwealth Games will be held in Australia, the country will get a good profit and will be in an advantageous position. The popularity of competitive gaming has been fueled by related industries and sponsorships from big companies. Thus, Australian companies will certainly strive for capitalization in 2026.

The betting market was built around the traditional sports industry, and now this industry is one of the biggest around the world. In Australia, online betting is so popular that there are countless sites vying for the attention of players. Most of these online bookmakers offer bets on esports, as well as other markets in the future, the number of which will only grow. 

During the Commonwealth Games, most bookmakers will be able to profit from special offers. They will also be able to focus around esports, bringing more attention to the competitive gaming industry. 

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