Product review: Kvalifika

Kvalifika, an identity verification service, was established in Georgia quite recently. The idea of the project was born in 2019. Two years later the company was shortlisted as “Best Innovative Startup” at the local TBC Business Award.

Despite the fact that Kvalifika has operated on the market just a few years, many reputable companies such as Pasha Bank, Liberty Bank, Europebet, Betlive, Swiss Capital, as well as other representatives of the financial, telecommunications, gambling and education sectors use its services.

Kvalifika can quickly generate a verification link, integrate it into the client’s platform, and send it to users for verification. The dashboard keeps track of all verification processes, making it easy to get updates and avoid fraudulent activity.

Verification Process 

Verification process is quite simple in Kvalifika. First, you need to prepare the identification document you’d like to get verified with – it can be either passport, ID card, Driver License, or Residence Permit. The next step is to go through the visual identification – here, you should make sure that your image is clear and your face is not covered with shadow. After that, you must take a picture of your document as well. 

To compare live-photo with your photo in documents, Kvalifika uses a scoring system: thus, the client himself chooses a verification scoring. There is a 7 point scoring system or also you can use a 4 or 5 point system.

Additionally, it is rather difficult to forge identity documents during the verification process, since a checksum is used and certain algorithms check the data and errors.

Activity Dashboard

Kvalifika gives you access to the Activity Dashboard, which shows the entire profile step-by-step. The sections are broken down into different categories such as Dashboard, Sessions, Logs, User Management, Branding, Configuration, and more.

Dashboard is where you can control the status of usage of Kvalifika products and manage them from one place. Here you have information about Liveness and Age Check, Document Verification, and Awaiting Actions. 

You can track the sessions from the Volume table placed below and Export the whole data if needed.

Sessions let you track every user that has tried to verify themselves to access your platform. Here you can see the complete information regarding the session – from document details to liveness and the session status.

Logs help you to be updated with everything that has been going on through your platform. It can provide details such as Sign-in information, Company settings updates, or the new user details.

Branding gives you a chance to design the Verification Flow and align it to your brand manual. That way, your users have more understanding that their personal information is secure and used only to access your service online. 

It is worth mentioning that recently online verification has become a big trend. Since the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic, more and more companies go online and use this service more often.

More specifically, for businesses like online casinos, betting companies, and others, it is extremely important to make sure that the person trying to register on their website is not underaged and can legally be part of the platform.

For better product understandment you can feel free to try a demo version of Kvalifika. 

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