What NFTs and gaming have in common

Currently, the attention of all media is focused on the NFT – a non-fungible token with a unique serial number and cannot be subdivided. 

The point is that two NFTs will still be unique even if they tokenize the same thing. Unlike Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you cannot replace one NFT for another and it simply be the same, or have the same value.

Recently, in the world of gaming there has been more talk about the possibility of introducing NFTs in the industry.

European gaming writes that some cryptocurrency enthusiasts believe that the future of in-game economies involves turning in-game items, such as character skins or guns, into NFTs. 

They feel that NFTs will generate true ownership, creating the ability to resell in-game items that a person no longer wants. Additionally, NFT items, including characters, could be transferred from one game to another. 

However, nothing is guaranteed. Just because an NFT is yours for as long as you decide to keep it, does not mean it is going to retain its in-game value. There is always a risk.

Both NFTs and games play on the fact that we love the opportunity to tap into another world and become someone else. More and more games give people the ability to create and amend their in-game characters.

NFTs go one step further, as you can own your character as well. This means that no one else is going to be able to have the same character as you.

Another interesting fact is that NFTs, like games, need progress and development. Thus, the NFT items can be improved and upgraded. Otherwise, powerful characters would only be for those with lots of money to spend. 

Thus, the colliding of NFT and games worlds will become more exciting, with great opportunities for gamers to develop NFT characters, which they own and can make better as well.

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