Anton Kuchukhidze about how legal gambling is the main trump card of the State

The war that Russia launched against Ukraine clearly demonstrated that representatives of legal gambling can be beneficial in times of peace and in times of crisis. Legal gambling can find ways and means to support the state in the military and humanitarian fields, despite the great challenges it faces in that business. Assistance through legal gambling has already reached hundreds of millions of hryvnia in just six months.

Ukrainian Gambling Council unites more than 80% of representatives of the legal gambling market in Ukraine, so the interaction between the licensing business and the State during the war can be clearly seen. It is noteworthy that the legal enterprises demonstrated a truly patriotic stance. They not only paid their official obligations in the form of taxes and license fees, but also provided support through their volunteer and charitable activities.

As of September 1, UGC members had paid about £350 million in royalties. Before the war, this did not surprise anyone. But in wartime, given the deplorable state of the entertainment industry, this is an excellent result. After all, almost $10 million to the state budget from the license fee from just one of dozens of sectors of the economy is a great help, given the many companies that are now bankrupt or unable to pay taxes and fees.

Volunteer and charitable activities carried out by legal operators are very broad, including the provision of equipment and vehicles to military personnel, humanitarian aid to internally displaced persons and psychological support to the population. Legitimate operators also help those who have lost their jobs because of hostilities to return to work and create opportunities for every player to participate in volunteer projects by playing their favorite games online.

In addition to paying into the budget, legal gamblers have shown their consciousness by supporting the state with volunteer and charitable activities. According to the most conservative calculations, in six months members of the UGC transferred more than 200 million hryvnias to the state.
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