New AI DeepMind learns to play football

Artificial intelligence (AI) research lab DeepMind decided to try football after chess and go. Last week the Google sister company published a research paper about the development of AI agents capable of playing virtual football. 

According to the company, the AI agents first learned to walk, then run and kick the ball. At each new stage, artificial intelligence systems were shown videos of real football players and that’s how they learned the basics of the game and imitated the movements of professional athletes.

As soon as the robot learned to play alone, it was paired with another AI agent. As the skills of virtual soccer players improved, the number of players increased and so came the formation of small groups competing against each other.

“It moves like an alien wearing a human suit for the first time because, unlike humans, AI cannot learn by watching. Systems like the one DeepMind trained to parse thousands of hours of video and, essentially, extricate motion data about the subject they’re trying to “learn” from.” said the research.

At this moment the system is not perfect, “AI agents look absolutely terrified”, however, it’s almost certain that these models will become more robust as time goes on.
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