SmartSoft about JetX popularity and preparation for the upcoming FIFA World Cup

Georgian game development studio SmartSoft Gaming was founded in 2015. During this time, the company could conquer the regional market and enter many international jurisdictions as well. 

Head of Sales Miranda Guliashvili told SBC CIS about the brand development, their flagship game, and future releases. 

Your top Crash game JetX is very popular in global markets. In your opinion, what is its uniqueness and cause of such popularity?

Our team has more than 20 years of experience in the gambling field. We have created a variety of products ranging from software provision for the management of retail shops to gaming platform and various types of games.

This experience allowed SmartSoft to improve its technical characteristics and provide access to JetX to a large number of players at the same time. Usually, operators are able to handle hundreds, but not thousands of players. Therefore, this product has become the most effective and popular game in this field.

In addition, our in-game promo tools include random prize drops, random points leaderboard, and free spins, as well as we run regular network promotions on a biweekly/monthly basis. All of them have innovative mechanics and on average increase player engagement by 20-30%.

In general, CRASH games are something new for the industry itself, and therefore it’s unique.

Could you tell us about other products in your portfolio and why are they unique? How consumer tastes are different in diverse markets, or do you have an all-purpose hit in all countries?

Initially, JetX showed that it would be an absolute favorite, but each hit has a certain period of activity and customers need additional impetus, choices, motivations, and novelties, which depends on the uniqueness of markets and customer habits. That’s why we created CricketX for the Indian market where it performs well.

In addition, the Balloon game also works very well. Unlike JetX, it is less stressful and simpler.

In terms of trends, what attracts users the most to your games? How important is design, animation, or gamification?

In general, the visual part, mechanics, and gamification are important components of a successful game. Сustomers like novelty and innovative elements in our games.

We have the best artists, designers, and product teams in our company. Thus we create quite interesting and different products.

SmartSoft is shortlisted for SBC Awards, previously you have already gained international awards. What does this kind of recognition mean to your company and how does it affect your development?

Our team constantly works to offer best-of-breed products to partners and customers. Every day we put a lot of effort and work into this, so each award is an additional motivation and a sign that the global industry appreciates us, and, accordingly, our work becomes even more valuable. Partners have a higher level of trust in us.

You are licensed in multiple jurisdictions. How different are these markets? What markets are the most profitable and what regions do you plan to enter?

Each jurisdiction has its own rules and requirements, we adapt to all of them and follow the regulations. Currently, we are successfully operating in Latin America, the EU, Asia, and Africa. 

In the future, we plan to enter Canada and North America, which will be a big challenge for our company.

Have global changes, like the Covid-19 pandemic or the military conflict in the region, affected your work?

We have entirely online work, and as you know, the pandemic has helped bring consumers into the digital world. Therefore, during the pandemic, our activities developed extremely.

The military conflict had little effect on us directly, but our partners suffered from it. We support them as much as possible and help them to stabilize the situation.

SmartSoft participates in many exhibitions and conferences. Why are these events important to you? How does it help to develop your business? Maybe you plan to attend some of these conferences in the near future?

This is very important. In addition to the flexibility of digitization of products, competition in the market is also growing, so we need to present ourselves to the global community and explain in detail our advantages.

We are going to attend SBC Summit Barcelona, Sigma in Malta, G2E in Asia. These exhibitions are places where we can meet our existing partners as well as raise awareness and build new relationships.

What are your plans for the rest of the year? Maybe launching a new project or product?

We have a lot of plans for the rest of the year, but there is one special project. Now everyone is looking forward to the FIFA World Cup, so our Trend Setter team is actively working on a new game that gives a football experience to our users.

Between the matches, players will be able to enjoy a football-themed Crash game, they will experience the energy and adrenaline similar to football players.
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