FAVBET Tech supports Ukrainian cyber army

FAVBET Tech continues to help Ukraine attack the enemy in the information and digital space. In particular, the company’s employees regularly attack enemy IT systems and create software for the Armed Forces.

According to the company’s CEO Artem Skrypnyk, cyber resistance has now become part of the day-to-day work for most of the team under his leadership.

“We employ many highly qualified specialists, so from the very beginning of the war we supported the Ministry of Digital Transformation in the initiative to deploy an IT army. Now, we have already organized our own cyber troops, which deliver devastating blows to the enemy’s IT infrastructure 24/7, coordinate with other cyber volunteers and plan offensive actions on their own IT front,” says the CEO.

The work is going in several directions at once: from blocking propaganda resources and DDOS attacks on key IT nodes of the enemy to the development of mobile applications that help army units to perform combat missions. 

The company is also negotiating with tech partners from other countries to refuse to use Russian services and block enemy media.

FAVBET’s IT army now includes more than a few dozen people, and the effectiveness of attacks is about 90%.

The main targets of the attacks are important information infrastructure objects such as banking systems, “Gosuslugi” websites, government agencies, media, air carriers, and fiscal data operators. 

In recent months, coordinated attacks have taken place on more than 1 000 sites, APIs, and other resources, and the efficiency has reached 85-90% depending on the protection levels.

In addition, FAVBET launched the Finders service, which helps in the search for missing and evacuated Ukrainians. While the service was operational it contained the data for more than 50,000 evacuated Ukrainians.

FAVBET Tech does not plan to stop there. 

“Counterattacks in the East will be accompanied by large-scale digital attacks. We do not disclose our plans, but I assure you that today our cyber troops are ready for battle and will only increase the pace,” Skrypnyk said.

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