EU called for recognition and funding of video games and esports in Europe

The European Parliament’s Committee on Culture and Education (CULT) has unanimously adopted a parliamentary report calling on the European Union (EU) to acknowledge and better fund the video game and esports ecosystem in Europe.

The European Parliament is due to vote on the document at its November 9-10 session.

The document calls on the European Commission and the European Council to recognize the value of video games and esports, as well as include developing a long-term strategy for the sectors.

It proposes bolstering game development in the European Union via better funding and state aid, arguing the EU’s existing funding via the Creative Europe Programme is insufficient.

Video games and esports have ‘significant social and cultural potential’ to connect Europeans, as stated in the document. However, the text suggests addressing challenges such as doping and match-fixing in esports, as well as the ‘health risks’ posed by intensive gaming and esports.

The report also focuses on fair play, non-discrimination, solidarity and social inclusion, calls for solutions to what it says is a talent shortage in the sector, and claims gaming can ‘contribute to EU soft power’.

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