Starcasino Sport becomes official media and entertainment partner of US Sassuolo

The partnership was announced with a video highlighting the fantastic rise of the Emilia-Romagna football club, its historic promotion to Serie A and the Europa League.

Sports infotainment website StarCasinò Sport has become the new official infotainment partner of US Football Club Sassuolo.

Through this partnership, StarCasinò Sport will provide special entertainment for club fans and create exciting games and competitions dedicated to the team.

From its inception in 1920, through the astonishing success of promotion to Serie A in 2012, the exciting experience of participation in the Europa League and until today, one can see the fantastic growth of the club, which has established itself as one of the most interesting teams in Serie A and an institution of development for talented players. The video captures the players and fans who have left their mark on Sassuolo history. The video also shows many of the champions who have worn Sassuolo’s black and green jersey in the past.

Stefano Tino, Managing Director of StarCasinò Sport, commented on the agreement: «US Sassuolo has maximised people’s love of football thanks to careful management and impressive skills, cultivating some of the top talents in Italian soccer. We are delighted to collaborate with this unique club. Sassuolo is the smallest town to have reached the Serie A division since the war and this fact alone would be enough to describe the fabulous success the club has achieved, but the most exciting element is the team’s special link with its supporters. We want to enhance this passion by giving followers even more extraordinary, fun experiences.»

Francesca Broggi, Head of Marketing for StarCasinò Sport in Italy, added: «US Sassuolo is a club with which StarCasinò Sport identifies in terms of its emphasis on values linked to healthy and sustainable promotion of football: we wanted to become its partner because we share the same objectives. Through this partnership we intend to strengthen the supporters’ love for their club and their passion for the Black and Greens, and involve them in exclusive engaging experiences.»

«We are very proud to have reached this partnership with StarCasinò Sport, which now becomes a member of the black-and-green family,» said Giovanni Carnevali, Managing Director of US Sassuolo.

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