Anna Motruk, Parimatch Tech: “We have maintained business sustainability and achieved all the key goals we planned for this year”

At the last SBC Awards as part of the SBC Summit Barcelona, Parimatch was able to receive two important awards. Anna Motruk, Deputy CEO of Parimatch Tech, told SBC CIS about the path that the company has gone through despite the ongoing war in Ukraine and about its expansion plans.

Congratulations to Parimatch on the Eastern European Operator of the Year, and Parimatch Foundation’s Katerina Biloruska on winning the Leader of the Year award at the SBC Awards. Could you share your impressions of the Summit and Awards?

Thank you! Receiving the award on Katerina’s behalf was a truly unforgettable experience for me. As one of the most respected awards in the industry, SBC Awards brings a vital recognition of Katerina’s strategic role in business and our success. We at Parimatch Tech, along with the Parimatch Foundation team, were absolutely delighted about this win. 

Parimatch Ukraine winning the Eastern European Operator of the Year was also a great achievement. Amidst the war in Ukraine, the brand managed to stand strong and provide a great gaming experience for its customers and immense support for its country, as well as demonstrate sound business results. Also, Parimatch Ukraine operates on the platform, developed by Parimatch Tech, – which brought us a shortlist in the Platform Supplier category – and this makes the brand’s success especially pleasant for us at Parimatch Tech. 

Speaking of the SBC Summit in general, it was great. We met many of our partners and got an immense amount of support – for us as a Ukraine-born company and for Ukraine as a whole, for which I am very grateful. 

At SBC Summit Barcelona, your team also announced an entry into the Romanian market. What was the reason for making such a decision? Why is the Romanian market desirable and important to you?

The launch of the franchise in Romania is an important step in Parimatch Tech’s expansion strategy, which includes the global expansion of the Parimatch brand presence. We’ve been monitoring the Romanian markets, along with several other European markers, for quite some time. Its potential and ambition seem very in line with the Parimatch brand character. We felt that now is the right time to participate in the development of the local entertainment market. 

Recently, Parimatch has been quite active in new partnerships. You have signed an agreement with Newcastle United FC, the gaming organization 00Nation. Could you tell us a little about your partnership strategy?

The core idea behind our partnership strategy for the Parimatch brand is strengthening brand awareness, image, and reputation across the world. The brand is our product – as a franchise or BaaS solution – which means that every partnership should make it a better product for our B2B partners as well as for the users in all markets of operations. 

Being one of the world’s leading betting brands, Parimatch is now supported by a number of global partners, including Oleksandr Usyk, Parimatch Responsible Gambling Ambassador; four English Premier League teams (Leicester City, Chelsea, Aston Villa, and Newcastle United); and a top-rated esports organization 00Nation. We are on a constant lookout for promising partnerships that align with our strategic goals and values. 

Parimatch Tech is positioned as a tech company and is developing in many areas: B2B tech provision, entertainment, education, etc. You pay great attention to responsible gambling, and also help the victims of the war. Which of these areas is now a priority and why?

All of these elements are inseparable and interconnected parts of our strategy. 

Being a B2B provider, we strive to create the most advanced and innovative products, compliant with all modern requirements for our niche. This, of course, includes responsible gambling solutions that we implement in our technological products as well as our business practices. 

For the creation of the best tech products you need the best tech specialists – so we contribute to their education and development through our internal employee programs as well as the Parimatch Tech Academy project. The latter benefits not only our company, but the wider market as well – yet, the stronger the market is, the more challenging and exciting it is to work in it. Competition is the mother of progress, after all!  

Finally, giving back to society is a crucial aspect of modern business. It is the logical continuation of the company’s values, their proof in actions. For us, at the moment, this aspect is strongly focused on helping Ukraine and Ukrainians. We support the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as those who suffered from the war, especially children. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, most of Parimatch Tech’s and Parimatch Foundation’s resources were focused on financial aid and humanitarian efforts, which helped to bring about UAH 14.5 million worth of assistance to thousands of people – and, going back full circle – to support the stability of Parimatch Tech’s business. 

Summing up the preliminary results of the year, are you satisfied with the work done by your team, and what should we expect from Parimatch until the end of 2022?

2022 has been a challenging year, but it only gives us more reason to be proud of our results. Despite the withdrawal from the Russian and Belorussian markets, we have maintained business sustainability and achieved all the key goals we planned for this year. I guess the topics discussed above, as well as our achievements at SBC Awards, are evidence enough.

However, our journey is a transformational one. We have secured Parimatch Tech’s position as a B2B provider and continue to change along this way to authentically represent our goals, values, and place in the industry as we see it. You can expect more of this transformation by the end of 2022. 

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