The Affilka platform influenced the positive growth of the audience of partners

Affiliate marketing platform Affiilka has enabled customers to increase their player count by 20% by «taking over all software-related issues», according to a developer at SOFTSWISS.

A report published this week by the affiliate marketing platform cites research conducted by client BC.GAME, showing that as a result of switching to the platform, Afilka «increased player acquisition, improved team resource management and optimised brand processes.»

Anastasiya Borovaya, Head of Affilka by SOFTSWISS, commented: «Switching an affiliate marketing platform can be challenging. There can be many reasons behind the decision. Сhoosing a new platform can be complicated through a lack of knowledge about the resulting benefits.

At Affilka, we have built the necessary software platform migration expertise to take the lead. The process may be as simple as moving affiliate IDs and contact details or rather as complex as transitioning player historical data and affiliate payment history to meet the new platform’s requirements.

Whatever our clients decide, Affilka’s account managers will be there to walk them through the transition.»

A spokesman for Affilka explained that many partners chose to migrate to the platform due to the lack of detailed and customizable reporting on partner and player activity, AML compliance issues, and high internal development costs.

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