PopOK Gaming: The Importance of Adapting Slots to Mobile Devices

Speaking to SBC, Tsovinar Elchyan, PopOK’s Game Product Manager, explained why the company is focusing on mobile devices.

According to Tsovinar, handheld game consoles and mobile apps are at the forefront of PopOK Gaming’s future plans and strategies.

As Elchyan explained at the SBC Summit in Barcelona, ​​the reason for this is the growing popularity of mobile betting apps among players looking for convenient gambling options.

Tsovinar said: «The lion’s share of revenue for PopOK Gaming now comes from mobile, so our games have to be optimized for this. 

We always need to keep this in mind when designing the game – we want to make sure that our games are perfectly designed and optimized for a simple, smooth playing experience so players can enjoy PopOK’s titles on the move. 

We are designing our games with the mobile point of view as a priority, including the addition of buttons and the layout of the screen. We design games that are fully customized for portrait mode.»

«I think we can learn lessons about creating new, cutting edge content. Players in different countries are unique,» she added.

«I feel like we’ve seen a lot of new trends [emerging] and best practices, but I also think that there’s a lot of room for new products and innovation. We are going to innovate on our technology, there are also a lot of new markets opening up too.

There is a lot of activity across both the commercial and product development front. We are really focused on the user experience as we continue to develop and continue to learn about what different players like. It’s a great opportunity for us to go into these new markets.»

PopOK has a proven track record, having recently obtained licenses in Georgia, Latvia, Romania and the UK.

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