GGL considers Twitch updates regarding gambling insufficient

German unified gambling regulator Gluecksspiel (GGL) has warned Twitch that its streaming platform must comply with the advertising rules of the Fourth Interstate Gambling Convention (GlüNeuRStv).

The warning comes after Twitch updated its «community guidelines» in October this year to ban «unsafe gambling slot machines, roulette and dice.»

While acknowledging that the Twitch update is a step in the right direction, GGL notes that the US streaming platform’s new rules are not enough, as Germany prohibits any form of advertising or drawing attention to illegal gaming sites.

GGL representatives recalled that, in accordance with the rules of the GlüNeuRStv regime, only legal operators can advertise for German audiences, and that these rules apply to owners of national and international media.

They stated that: «Permissions from European or non-European, for example American, authorities would not be recognized in Germany.

The gambling providers permitted in Germany are listed on the official whitelist. This list is updated regularly.»

The GGL statement also said that streamers promoting illegal gambling will be prosecuted.

 Twitch has been advised to clarify its advertising policies by January 1, 2023, when GGL will assume full oversight of gambling advertising in Germany.
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