Spielworks hits 3 million user registrations on NFT platform

Spielworks, a leading blockchain gaming startup, has announced that it has reached 3 million registered users on its NFT gaming platform.

Significant milestones have been paved by the success of the Spielworks token launch, partnerships with four major blockchain games, and, most recently, the hiring of Stillfront co-founder and former Starbreeze Studios CEO Niklas Dunham as chief commercial officer.

The Spielworks blockchain gaming platform reached 3 million registrations, of which almost half a million were registered within two months of the launch of the $WOMBAT token. The ecosystem, which has 65,000 daily users, includes the Wombat app.

Spielworks also caused a stir by hiring Stillfront Starbreeze Studios co-founder and CEO Niklas Dunham as chief commercial officer.

He has worked on games such as The Darkness, Chronicles of Riddick and Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. Having worked with most gaming platforms and business models for over 20 years, Dunham brought a deep understanding of the industry and spearheaded Spielworks’ business development and supported Web3 gaming adoption efforts.

Adrian Krion, CEO of Spielworks, said: «I’m really proud of our dedicated team at Spielworks for working so hard to accomplish this tremendous milestone. Reaching three million is an amazing achievement, but it’s easier when you have a great team and an amazing community that enjoys our diverse offering of games. Reaching this milestone just further validates our hard work and vision, and we will use this momentum to continue pushing forward, reaching new users, and building great games for everyone.»

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