Turbo Games launches Magic Keno with improved design

Keno is a legendary game whose history goes back to the beginning of our era. The Chinese are the creators of this game. They developed it so much that the popularity of the game stimulated the fundraising for the construction of the Great Wall of China.

Turbo Games has taken a slightly similar approach as the development team is betting on design. On the eve of Halloween, Magic Keno is expected to gain recognition and give players big wins.

The game interface is bright and memorable, thanks to a very attractive girl and beautiful animation. The player’s task is to choose a frog from 1 to 40 and follow the result of the girl’s magic. The more gold coins the selected frog eats, the more prize money the player will receive.

If players like to try different strategies, they may experience different levels of difficulty that change the odds. When the betting process begins, a table is also displayed on the right side of the game interface showing the number of selected frogs and the corresponding prize amounts. It allows players to understand logic and mathematics.

The feature most preferred by speed players is also available in Magic Keno. This allows players to open the same block diagram over and over again in sequence. You can create your own template or choose from the cute designs of hearts, arrows, and more.

If the players stick to the strategy they believe in, they will definitely win. Because dripping water sharpens stones not by its strength, but by its constancy.

Slava Zhuk, Advisor at Turbo Games, says: «It isn’t by accident that gamblers keep playing Keno for ages and don’t get bored with it. I’m sure Magic Keno by Turbo Games will add brightness and new experience to the feeling of both: devoted players and newcomers.»
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