All-Ukrainian Council of Gambling on the implementation of the state system of online monitoring

The All-Ukrainian Gambling Council (UGC) published an article on how important it is for national regulators, other responsible state bodies and representatives of the professional gambling community to strive to create and implement the State Online Monitoring System (GSOM).

The State Online Surveillance System is a specialized hardware and software system designed to monitor the economic activities of gambling operators, comply with license conditions and technical standards, ensure information security, etc.

This means that the operation of such a system in each gambling establishment and on the site of each licensed gambling operator will require keeping records of income and expenses, identifying dependent players, unifying financial reporting, and complying with all conditions and terms.

As a result, many questions and claims from the state tax office are removed from licensees, players believe that all winnings are received on time, and relatives of people suffering from gambling complain that they do not have a licensed land base or license.

The introduction of a national online monitoring system is another step towards Ukraine becoming a civilized global entertainment market and a good reason to once again remind international operators about the advantages of the Ukrainian gambling market.
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