Millions of views and conflicts in the comments: how FAVBET brings Ukrainian military support to social media trends

Millions of views and conflicts in the comments: how FAVBET brings Ukrainian military support to social media trends

FAVBET and FAVBET Foundation launched the project «Pimp the Ride for the AFU».  For the second month in a row, they are supplying combat units with pre-loaded vehicles, motivating Ukrainians to more actively donate to the army. In anticipation of five out of ten cars donated by the project being sent to the front lines, the company explained why they decided to turn the charity project into a show.

«Hey, I put 100 hryvnias in that car!»

Calls for help from the army became commonplace. Large foundations can close millions of dollars in a matter of days, but the overall picture is that the needs of the military are rising and the rate of donations is falling. FAVBET decided to change the approach, turning the next gathering into a TV show in the spirit of the MTV hits of the mid-2000s. Cheerful hosts, energetic editing and a lot of humor.

«We pimp one ride in one episode of the show, Xzibit would approve,» says Dmytro Toporkov, the project’s creative manager, «The crew and I always balance between showing the upgrade in a fun and exciting way, but not losing sight of the serious goal at hand. Because inside the fun wrapper, we have real support for those who are now saving our country.»

According to Dmitry, this format solves two key problems. First, to provide feedback to benefactors so that they can make sure that their donations do not cover some abstract needs, but stand on training grounds and in camouflage, ready to scare the orcs. The second is viral distribution on social networks in order to attract the largest possible audience to the collection and generally update the topic of support for the military in society.

And the project does both very well. The Mitsubishi L200 pickup truck upgrade on the show’s first episode has already garnered 13,000 views on YouTube, while the announcement of the TikTok video has garnered 2.1 million views and several hundred comments. Here and jokes, and criticism, and heated discussions. It’s cool, because it means Ukrainians care.

Behind the Scenes

The creative representative of the project says that behind the new release of the show there is a lot of work by many people. Since the beginning of the war, the fund’s employees have been buying cars for the army of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, so they have already worked out the chain many times and are doing an excellent job.

The car is pimped by Ukraine’s own West Coast Customs – NoMotors. FAVBET and NoMotors began cooperation back in 2021 with the creation of a cool FAVBET-branded drift car that took part in tournaments across Ukraine. However, the full-scale invasion had put racing on hold, and the drift cars were replaced by vehicles for the Armed Forces.

After the car is delivered to the NoMotors station, the preparation process begins: diagnostics, search for the necessary spare parts, repair and installation of additional equipment. The latter is one of the «pimping» features. The team tries to make each car unique and adapted to the tasks of a particular unit. Someone – night vision, someone (small spoiler) – an additional frame and a bench at the back, someone – a machine gun turret. On average, a complete modernization of a car takes 10-14 days.

RPK Production studio is responsible for good photography and cool editing. The filming process goes hand in hand with the renovation. The intro and test drive are filmed while parts arrive. They come to the station as soon as repairs begin. When the car is ready – the final presentation before sending the car to the front. The team spends three days on one episode of the show.

The key people in the frame are the actor and FAVBET ambassador Yevhen Yanovych and the founder of NoMotors Serhiy Kremenets. While for Zhenya it is usual to be in the frame, for Serhiy it has been a completely new experience.

The show goes on

«Pimp the Ride for the AFU» has raised funds for 5 cars. Three of them are already delivered to the military, while mechanics are working on two more. There is still a lot of work ahead, but FAVBET’s team is sure that “Everything will be Ukraine!”

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