Parimatch Tech changes business direction from b2c to b2b

Maksym Liashko, CEO of Parimatch Tech, spoke about plans for the future B2B model and internal restructuring of the company. At the SBC Summit in Barcelona, ​​Lyashko shared some thoughts on the company’s shift in focus from a B2C business model to a B2B business model. Parimatch Tech is about to introduce a new type of department to manage the relationship between a company and its B2B partners.

Maksym noted:  «We’ve now decided with our shareholders to switch to a B2B model. We’ll still have some B2C businesses but together with this, we’ll try to achieve some kind of results from a B2B perspective. We need to build some type of new expertise. We do not have that kind of expertise, because we don’t have a B2B model. We need to build a Department of Function Service that will cooperate with our B2B partners to decide what’s necessary to do, at least for questions and additional features.»

However, since the B2B segment of the gambling industry is highly fragmented, a question was asked about the uniqueness of Parimatch Tech products.

Liashko said: «Our product is very good for big companies, which already operate with large amounts of customers or bets per second. Our main potential clients are operators that maybe even have their own platform or use other parts from different providers. They feel that they need more powerful software.»

Speaking about the management restructuring, Liashko congratulated the entire Parimatch Tech team on their success over the past few months.
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