Darina Denisova: World Cup is definitely the event of the year for bookmakers

On November 20, the World Cup kicks off in Qatar, in which 32 national teams from all continents will fight for the title of the best team on the planet. Not only fans are preparing for the tournament, but also bookmakers.

«A long-awaited event, the industry has been preparing for it for a very long time. Almost every legal domestic bookmaker before and during the championship offers its customers a fairly wide selection of a wide variety of promotions, contests, free bets and other “goodies”, which are considered an absolutely necessary set of marketing tools for any office during such a global tournament», – said Darina Denisova, President of the Association of Bookmakers.

According to the head of the industry organization, it was the World Cup four years ago that took place in Russia that became one of the main triggers for the development of the legal betting industry in the country.

«Of course, it is a pity that our national team will not take part in the tournament in Qatar. If the Russian team played there, the interest of our betting fans in the event would be much higher, there is not the slightest doubt about it.»

However, she is convinced that even without this, the 2022 World Cup will become the main business event of the year for domestic bookmakers. It will attract enough attention from customers so that bookmakers accumulate maximum efforts on servicing the tournament and the array of bets associated with it.

«The industry expects a significant number of neophyte players to come in, who will register for the first time in the bookmaker and place bets precisely during the World Cup. So it was at the 2018 World Cup, there is no reason for a different behavior of the client base now. The average check during the World Cup will also be higher than in any other month of the year and at any other competition.», – Darina Denisova predicts.Don’t forget to subscribe to our Telegram-channel!