BETER COO Maria Mashchenko to head the company’s sports business unit

The BETER company has strengthened control over sports activities and appointed Maria Mashchenko as the General Director of the sports business.

Mashchenko served as BETER’s chief operating officer for two years and has been given a new role as CEO of the sports business as the company seeks to «strengthen all product verticals.»

In her new position, Mashchenko will be responsible for «building dedicated teams» for BETER’s sports business, in particular for finding people who are passionate about both traditional sports and esports.

Gal Ehrlich, BETER CEO, noted: «Since joining the company, Maria has been instrumental in upgrading our sports and esports tournament offering – providing operators with the most comprehensive access to some of the best sports tournaments in the world.

As such, we are now recognised as being a leader in providing fast paced events within the betting industry and with Maria’s new role as Sports General Manager, this offering will only continue to evolve.»

Another key area for the new BETER sports leaders is the coordination of the table tennis field, especially the Setka Cup.

Setka Cup, one of the most popular BETER tournaments, is watched by more than 13 million people worldwide every month, which is twice as many as last year.

To keep up the pace of the BETER sports and esports process, Mashchenko uses his two years of experience with the company to develop his own, third-party and franchised sports and esports tournaments.

BETER explained that she plays a key role in expanding the reach of sports, driving interest and growth in the wider gambling sector.

«When the company first launched in 2018, it only offered one table tennis table back in Kyiv and today, we offer 13 different sports arenas across four different countries, which is something I’m extremely proud to have been involved in. 

I believe that this is just the start for BETER Sports and together with our sports team we’ll be able to offer even more industry leading content that I’m so excited to be a part of.» Mashchenko  commented.

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