Leading provider in the online live dealer gaming industry BetGames has added FTN Fastex to its list of supported cryptocurrencies

BetGames has expanded its list of supported cryptocurrencies by adding Fasttoken (FTN), the official cryptocurrency of the Fastex ecosystem. Starting January 26, BetGames partners will be able to use FTN for all transactions.

According to the company, the new token will allow it to «stay one step ahead» in Web3 development. BetGames Partners will not only benefit from an expanded crypto portfolio, but also receive many «add-on benefits» when using FTN, including access to the SoftConstruct crypto rewards program.

The Fastex ecosystem has undergone many changes over recent events. The company recently announced the launch of Fastex Chain. Fastex Chain is a new blockchain platform that allows developers, builders, and enterprises to build and scale decentralized applications on the platform.

Also this month, Fastex’s parent company, SoftConstruct, opened two NFT stores in Dubai.

Recognized as a forward-thinking concept that combines the digital world with reality, NFT stores invite visitors to buy real NFT art, learn about Web3, try out new technologies, and meet SoftConstruct certified experts.
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