Analysis of bets on the World Cup 2022 from the bookmaker Pari

Alexey Babichev, Communications Director of Pari, shared information about the distribution of bets on the World Cup in the first round of the tournament.

He said: «The first round of the 2022 World Cup has ended, and so far the tournament is going very well for the bookmakers. Four goalless draws, two defeats of the favorites and generally not very productive matches, of course, please us. Even the big victories of England and Spain, as well as the scoring extravaganza in the game of Portugal and Ghana, did not greatly affect the overall picture. By the way, the match in which Argentina lost to Saudi Arabia was the most profitable for PARI in this tournament. Based on the results of the first round, we hope that the positive trends will continue».

Top five best matches of the first round of the 2022 World Cup:

  • France – Australia 9.25%;
  • Argentina – Saudi Arabia 8.25%;
  • Brazil – Serbia 8.18%; D
  • ania – Tunisia 7.92%;
  • Belgium – Canada 7.43%.

Note that the least profitable matches were Switzerland-Cameroon (2.78%), Uruguay-South Korea (3.94%) and Morocco-Croatia (4.10%). Matches that open the program of the day are significantly inferior in terms of turnover to the final game.
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