Belgian National Lottery Won’t Advertise Bets During World Cup Due To Restrictions

During the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the Belgian National Lottery will not advertise sports betting products. Local media reports that Finance Minister Vincent van Peteghem is tightening his approach to betting.

The Minister explained: «The National Lottery is taking a leading role in protecting players and fighting gambling addiction. At a World Cup, the sport and supporter experience should be central.

«Advertising for sports betting should have no place in broadcasts or reports via television, radio and written press. The National Lottery is already setting a good example by not advertising its sports betting on these channels».

This announcement is the latest in a series of political bans on betting and gambling in Belgium that include a number of new advertising restrictions.

In particular, Justice Minister Van Quickenborne proposed a royal decree in May that would ban most forms of betting advertising by the end of the year.

The ban plan will continue into the new year. All forms of sports betting marketing will be banned by 2024.

«Belgium is following the international trend. Italy and Spain have implemented a complete advertising ban and the Netherlands and the UK are working on similar rules» he said at the time.

This year, Belgium’s position on gambling advertising has become clearer: in June, the National Council supported the decision of the Belgian Gambling Commission (BGC) on this issue.

In Belgium, sponsorship is considered a form of advertising, and the ban on betting advertising during sports tournaments extends beyond television and radio to minimum age requirements and safe play!

Two months later, a draft Royal Decree was submitted to the European Commission (EC) aimed at limiting the forms of advertising available to operators.Don’t forget to subscribe to our Telegram channel!