BetGames and Sportradar: innovation is good, safe products are even better

After Twain Sport announced a partnership with Sportradar to integrate their Universal Fraud Detection System (UFDS) into hybrid sports tournaments, SBC editors discussed the partnership and how it came about.

BetGames CEO Andreas Koeberl and Sportradar Managing Director of Integrity Andreas Krannich discussed how their partnership will strengthen Twain Sport’s new generation of sports betting verticals.

SBC: Could you tell us more about the history of this partnership? And what can we expect from this cooperation?

Andreas Koeberl: It was clear that this product vertical could not be successful without the highest level of integrity at its core. Innovative content is one thing, but convincing players that this is a serious and safe sport and betting product is not an easy task. It was therefore clear that we needed a recognized, respected and independent partner to support these ambitions and that is when we turned to Sportradar.

Andreas Krannich: Our all-in-one fraud detection system is the most effective tool for monitoring and identifying suspicious betting behavior, and with the offer from Twain Sport, we offered to ensure the integrity of their competition. By making this important contribution to integrity through the UFDS initiative, we are demonstrating our commitment to supporting the sustainable development of sport worldwide.

SBC: Can you tell us how Sportradar’s integrity technology applies to Twain Sport and how it complements existing safeguards to combat questionable bets?

Andreas Koeberl: From the point of view of BetGames, the concept of fairness consists of seven levels, one of which is Sportradar’s UFDS. In addition, we have dedicated oversight, data analysis, and risk management teams that independently oversee all activities. We already have a solid foundation for integrity, but our partnership with Sportradar is taking it to the next level.

Andreas Krannich: Since the inception of Twain Sport T-basket, matches have been tracked using UFDS, an advanced and proven betting monitoring system that has been evaluated and verified by independent sports betting and fairness experts. Each match is analyzed for anomalies by an international team of qualified integrity experts, and potentially suspicious matches can be highlighted for further investigation. While no such incidents have been confirmed to date, UFDS monitoring provides important insight into the betting market in the event of a breach and is essential to protecting the integrity of traditional or new sports.

Sportradar Integrity Services also provide additional support to protect event integrity. In addition, we have agreed to conduct due diligence checks and assist BetGames partners in establishing and developing their own robust integrity programs. Together, these three proactive integrity measures help ensure that Twain Sport competitions are not subject to questionable activity.

SBC: BetGames, why was Sportradar the obvious choice when looking for a reliable partner?

Andreas Koeberl: Sportradar is our preferred partner and we are pleased to have reached a partnership agreement. The decision was easy as their UFDS is the market leader and their integrity team is a world class team.

SBC: Sportradar, what do you think are the main integrity issues in Twain Sport?

Andreas Krannich: The sheer number of matches is a problem. There are 14 tournaments per day, 15 matches each, with a break between matches of only 3 minutes. However, the machine learning and AI that help manage the UFDS can help track match bets.

When the first event of the T-Basket season began, there was naturally no pre-existing form for each player that could be analyzed analytically, but this is no longer a problem as the sample size of each player’s ability has grown. The official website is an invaluable resource for all subscribers and fans, detailing recent form and percentages for all players, which puts the betting market in the right context from an analytical perspective and can also help you track your efforts.

SBC: BetGames, given the dynamic nature of the sport, how do you ensure that responsible gaming remains a top priority?

Andreas Keberl: Quick nature is good. Keep in mind that with the first game of T-Basket, the league is offering 210 matches per day. Please note that in the first game of T-Basket, the league offers 210 games per day. This allows approximately 6,500 matches per month for each sport. This is a large amount of data that allows you to quickly identify deviations. Remember that in addition to our seven levels of integrity, operators also apply RG tools and processes.

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