FAVBET invited Ukrainian football fans to support Ukraine’s allies at the 2022 World Cup

On November 20, the 2022 FIFA World Cup kicked off in Qatar. An absolutely unique event in many respects, which football fans have been waiting for so long. This year’s World Cup will be held in the Middle East for the first time in winter, against the backdrop of Europe’s biggest military conflict since World War II.

Ukrainian fans hear explosions on the streets of the city, while the stands of Qatari stadiums burst into applause, Ukrainian troops courageously resist Russian aggression on thousands of kilometers of fronts.

But even in such a situation, FAVBET and the Kiev creative agency Taktika managed to interest Ukrainian fans and show the world that football is not only a struggle, but also unity and support across borders.

Mykola Bezkrovnyi, FAVBET’s creative copywriter, said: «The world will not see our team on Qatar’s football pitches, but for almost a year it has been watching our fight on a pitch of a different kind – the battlefield. And not only watching, but tirelessly supporting. England, the Netherlands, Spain, Poland, the USA, France and many other countries have been supplying and training the Ukrainian military, providing shelter to our citizens and defending our interests on the diplomatic front. We decided that the World Cup is a great opportunity to say thank you to Ukraine’s allies for this unwavering support.» 

The campaign is based on short videos filmed on the streets of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. The plot is based on Ukrainian fans with scarves that they waved years ago during the matches of the Ukrainian national team against current allies: «We once held these scarves because we fiercely wanted to defeat you. We hold them now because we sincerely want you to win. Just like you want us to win too» says the voiceover of the campaign’s manifesto.

Roman Gurbanov, Taktika co-founder and creative director, added: «This campaign was Favbet’s idea, and our task was to find the best form and style for it. We realized that we once used to be opponents on the football pitch with almost all of our current allies. Now, the scarves from these matches are turning from symbols of our rivalry into those of unity. Many fans still have them at home as a memory. We decided to use the scarves as a powerful visual symbol and built a campaign around them.» 

In addition to the manifesto, the campaign also includes videos in support of specific allies of Ukraine, such as Poland and the UK. The videos were filmed by the Ukrainian studio Digital Religion, known for advertising work for some of the world’s leading brands such as Samsung, Visa, Pepsi and Uber. Watch the video on YouTube FAVBET.

The new FAVBET promotion is not only a sign of gratitude to our allies, but also a reminder that wars, unlike football matches, do not end with the referee’s whistle. As the World Cup draws to a close in a few weeks, the need for help will be greater than ever as Ukraine continues to fight off invaders bent on destroying Ukrainian identity. That is why the FAVBET Foundation is now accepting international donations so that football fans around the world can contribute to Ukraine’s victory. You can make a donation on the official website of the foundation.

As an international company with Ukrainian roots, FAVBET has been supporting Ukraine since the first days of a full-scale Russian invasion, implementing numerous humanitarian initiatives and providing the Ukrainian Armed Forces with the necessary equipment. Today, 95% of the projects of the FAVBET Foundation are aimed at helping the citizens of the country and the military.
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