Sports organization UFC and La Liga have entered into an agreement to attract more sports fans

The Spanish Major League Soccer and the UFC fight promotion have announced a partnership. This collaboration will focus on social media collaborations, digital content, and athlete activation.

The duo also plans to launch at least three events in Spain each year featuring La Liga players and clubs. In response, the UFC is integrating La Liga into its existing digital show featuring athletes and ambassadors.

La Liga North America affiliate will create content on social platforms as part of UFC Fight Weeks. They will also collaborate throughout the year through cross-promotion on their respective social media platforms.

The first collaboration between La Liga North America and the UFC came at the start of the Spanish league’s 2022/23 campaign. Then the promotion fighters Brandon Moreno and Ilia Topuria went to Spain to watch the match, meet with the players and create content.

Adrian Segovia, head of content and distribution for La Liga North America, commented on the agreement: «Hispanics make up a significant percentage of the population in the United States and are at the heart of both LaLiga North America and the UFC’s fanbases. Our focus will be finding commonalities within the LaLiga and UFC communities and providing value-add opportunities to enhance fan access and create relatable, engaging content.»

David Shaw, senior vice president, international and content, at the UFC, added: «LaLiga is one of the greatest and most popular football leagues in the world, and we’re excited to explore the opportunities to cross promote our sport to their incredible fan base.

UFC has a significant Hispanic fan base in the United States, not to mention millions more in Spain, and this relationship is a way for us to engage more with those fans while creating additional value for our broadcast partners, like ESPN+ in the US, by helping to drive viewership of our live events.»
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