Ukrainian Gambling Council Head: Every Operator Must Have an Up-To-Date Licensing Documents

Anton Kuchukhidze, Head of the Ukrainian Gambling Council, in his recent blog post for UGC website has stressed the importance of keeping licensing documents up-to-date for all operators that got their licenses to work in Ukraine. 

Such a reminder from the Head of the institution that represents the interests of all gambling businesses operating legally in Ukraine comes at the time of heightened scrutiny that most of the licensees have come under after numerous allegations that some of them are being controlled or in some way connected to the aggressor-state. 

“During crises, let alone a full-scale war, all businesses face trying times and therefore hope for state support. However, easing the administrative burden on businesses does not mean that other legal requirements do not apply anymore. That is why all businesses wishing to continue operations must comply with legal requirements and bear responsibility for evading relevant obligations”, — writes Mr. Kuchukhidze.

In his call to the gambling operators working in Ukraine, Anton Kuchukhidze references a recent interview that Ukrainian’s gambling regulator (CRGL) Head, Ivan Rudyj,  gave to Forbes, where he talks about the tricky situation with issuing license to a company (TBK LLC) that was going to operate in Ukraine under 1xBet brand, a brand that is famous to hail from the terrorism-sponsoring state, which is explicitly forbidden by the Ukrainian law. 

It is believed that there are several other gambling brands that are currently operating under the official licenses in Ukraine, that also may have connections to the aggressor state, while some of the land-based casino operators got their licenses to set up operations in hotels and haven’t yet started to. 

In order to clean up the bureaucratic mess that some of the operators in Ukraine have gotten themselves into, the UGC Head stresses the importance of keeping their licensing records up-to-date. 
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