Sportradar assesses how sports betting affects the mental health of athletes in a new video

Sportradar Group AG is strengthening its commitment to the health of athletes with the release of a new educational video that will be made available to Integrity Services league partners and governing bodies.

The documentary video aims to explore how legal sports betting affects the mental health and well-being of athletes.

In the video, athletes including former professional football player and two-time gold medalist Lindsey Tarpley Snow, professional baseball player Garrett Whitlock and current college basketball player Conor Maccafery discuss mental health and sports betting.

By publishing this video, Sportradar aims to demonstrate its commitment to «providing solutions and supporting stakeholders in the sports betting ecosystem».

The Athlete Wellbeing program was launched in July. Its main goal was to reduce the impact of sports betting on the mental health of professional athletes.

The focus of this initiative is prevention and education using «all-inclusive email,» including virtual sessions, pre-recorded webinars and face-to-face seminars. You can watch the video here.
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