Darina Denisova leaves the post of president of the Association of bookmakers: «It’s time to move on»

The head of the industry organization of bookmakers confirmed that she was leaving the position of head of the Association, which she had held since January 2016.

Darina Denisova commented on her resignation: «It was an incredibly exciting period of my life, during which I really managed to do a lot for progress in the country of legal bookmaking. For almost seven years in this position, the industry has made an incredible leap forward in its development. I am glad that I was able to take part in this process, as they say, in the forefront.»

In her opinion, the national reforms that regulate the sports betting industry, ERAI and ECSUBS, work professionally and fully control the industry. Thus, the role of a public industry organization (in fact, now the Association of Bookmakers after the abolition of the SRO institution) in the updated business landscape was minimized.

Darina Denisova noted the following: «Over the past two and a half years, since the start of the coronavirus pandemic and after the start of the bookmaking reform, the number of licensed operators in the country has decreased. Now all representatives of the companies-players of the industry know each other very well, I no longer see a special need for a public organization for consultations and mutual support. 

I once again thank for the cooperation of all the colleagues with whom my life has brought me together during the years of work in the Association. These memories will stay with me forever. What’s next? New challenges. Believe me, it will be no less exciting».

According to her, even after leaving the post of chairman of the Association of bookmakers, she remains in constant contact with all bookmakers and is ready to continue to provide personal assistance to licensees, as well as support for participating companies. This is done so that the level of professionalism of the companies participating in the domestic betting market does not decrease.

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