Online gambling among Top-5 most profitable industries in 2022

2022 has been a very challenging and unpredictable year for the global economy, with rising inflation, disruption to logistics, threats of a recession and sanctions. However, some industries not only survived, but also increased their capital. On December 27, the editors of Business Matters named the top five most profitable industries for 2022.

The assessment took into account both the results of 2022 and the outlook for the industry for the foreseeable future (1-5 years). 

It should be noted that online gambling (iGaming) is on the second line of the rating. 

The gambling industry has always been popular and profitable, but 2022 has become a very favorable year for the market, the creators of the rating emphasize, with an estimate of $81.08 billion.

Analysts expect the online gambling market to reach $115.13 billion by 2026. 

Separately, analysts note the rapid growth of the cryptocurrency subsector of online gambling. 

This is a brand new segment, but analysts say it could be worth $93 billion over the next two years.

As for the prospects of the gambling market, analysts are optimistic about the foreseeable future. With the lifting of restrictions due to the coronavirus, more and more countries are legalizing gambling and opening their markets, and, ironically, tough economic times are forcing people to take more risks, especially in terms of gambling.

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