The gambling industry has influenced the decline in the number of pirated video sites

The decrease in the number of Internet resources containing illegally distributed video content, identified in 2022, is evidenced by data published by Group-IB. Interestingly, the decline in pirate sites is directly related to the gambling industry.

Experts note that as of December this year, about 69,000 unique pirated video resources have been identified on the Internet.

At the same time, in 2021 there were more than 119,000 sites. Thus, the number of discovered sites of online filibusters has decreased by 1.7 times over the past year.

It is also reported that by 2021 the market for illegal movies distribution within networks will fall to $50 million. By 2020, it reached $59 million, and, according to experts, this trend will continue next year. Group-IB plans to publish some indicators of the online piracy market by early 2023.

Experts attribute the unique decline in the video piracy market to a decrease in payments from companies that operate offshore gambling establishments, one of the main advertisers of such resources.

Other factors hurting the industry include the actions of copyright holders and transactional issues related to receiving and withdrawing funds.

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