India will create a number of new regulations to control online gambling

The Government of India has issued a number of new regulations governing online gambling and has set up a number of self-regulatory bodies to oversee the sector.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of India has announced amendments to the Rules for the Use of Information Technology for Online Gambling (Guidelines for Intermediaries and Code of Ethics for Digital Media).

According to the rules, an online game is defined as any game played over the Internet in which the player makes a deposit with the expectation of winning. If necessary, the Government of India may declare that certain games are subject to the rules.

Under the amendments, online games must not violate existing laws, such as statewide gambling bans.

Instead of creating government regulators, the amendment would allow for the creation of self-regulatory bodies made up of online gaming companies that set the rules for online gambling.

Such institutions must include independent public figures in the field of online games, sports, entertainment or other related areas and persons representing players in online games, who are experts in the field of psychology or consumer education.

These agencies must create a set of rules to protect children and prevent financial crimes in order to protect players from harm, such as addiction.

It should also require operators to verify players, conduct customer due diligence, handle complaints and have a contact address in India.

Last year MP Sushil Kumar Modi urged the government to create a comprehensive system for regulating online gaming, voicing concern over its growing popularity in the country.

In June, India announced a ban on advertising by foreign operators. In its advisory statement for the media, the government stated that print and electronic media should refrain from placing advertising platforms for online betting.

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