Bulgarian Football Union Opposes Gambling Advertising Ban

The website of the Bulgarian Football Union has published a statement with regards to a possible ban on gambling advertising in the country. This is being considered by local legislators to protect minors from gambling addiction.

The statement reads: «The Bulgarian Football Union condemns the widespread intentions of the future changes in the law regarding the advertising of gambling and betting companies in our country. We view this latest attempt to earn political dividends as a potentially disastrous blow to Bulgarian football and sport in general. In Bulgaria, more than two-thirds of the clubs exist thanks to the financing of the gambling industry, and the possible cessation of this source of income will almost certainly mean bankruptcy for most of them.»

The partner of the Bulgarian Football Union is the bookmaker Efbet, which works with 12 local clubs, sponsoring the first football league in Bulgaria

Shortly before this press release, several Bulgarian football clubs took a clear stand. For example, the president of FC Lokomotiv Ivan Vasiliev stressed that the club would simply cease to exist if it was left without the support of betting sponsors represented by the betting company Betano.

In addition, the Bulgarian Professional Football League (PFL) commented on the situation: «We believe that the introduction of severe restrictions related to betting advertising will be fatal to the development of professional football and will have a direct impact on the existence of many football schools where children take their first steps in the sport.»

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