Research: popular and not popular regions at rates in Russia

The betting company BetBoom analyzed the data of online users and published a map showing the popularity of bets in different regions of Russia.

Betting popularity was measured by the proportion of the population betting on BetBoom in a given region.

Top 5 most popular betting regions

  • Krasnodar 
  • Yekaterinburg 
  • Rostov-on-Don 
  • Ufa 
  • Penza

Top 5 regions where betting is NOT popular:

  • Nalchik 
  • Khanty-Mansiysk 
  • Birobidzhan 
  • Gorno-Altaisk 
  • Abakan

Mikhail Danshin, PR director at BetBoom, said: «We did not count the total number of customers (in this case, Moscow and million-plus cities would be in the top), but the share of residents who bet on BetBoom. But even with this method, large cities were among the leaders. It is not surprising for us that the regions with our large sponsorship assets and a wide network of land-based BetBoom clubs – Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don, Ufa – have entered the top 5».

Usually the stakes are higher in those regions where BetBoom is or was a sponsor of a local club. There is also a striking correlation between the number of BetBoom clubs and the number of bettors. Penza, for example, has five bookmakers and is one of the most betting regions.

Betting is not particularly popular in regions where there are no high-level professional sports teams. The percentage of rates in the North Caucasian District is lower than in the country as a whole.

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