Kazakhstan to Launch Center for Accounting of Bets

The Minister of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan Askhat Oralov signed an order approving the rules for accepting, recording and storing information on accepted bets, odds, winnings and payouts on bets.

According to Zakon.kz, the order provides for bookmakers and sweepstakes operators to connect to the Center for Accounting of Bets (Betting Center) and organize the acceptance of bets only through the cash desks connected to it.

After connecting to the Betting Center, the process for accepting bets will look as follows:

  • The system will track the accepted bets from each player, indicating the method of payment for the bet;
  • Track and verify the players who need to be paid the appropriate amounts of winnings;
  • keep records of winnings payable and paid out for each player, indicating IIN (individual identification number), details of identity, dates of accrual and payment of winnings.

The Betting Center for its part, undertakes:

  • Prevention of the dissemination of personal data of gambling participants;
  • prevention of the unauthorized access to players’ personal data;
  • timely detection of the facts of unauthorized access to personal data, if they could not be prevented;
  • Passing of the appropriate information to law enforcement authorities in case of detection of violations of the law.

Acceptance of cash and non-cash payments from players by bookmakers and sweepstakes operators and payment of winnings without the use of the Betting Center will be impossible. This Order shall enter into force on April 2, 2023.

It should be noted that this is not the first attempt to initiate work on the Betting Center, similar in function to the Russian Unified Center for tracking of the Interactive Transactions.

Due to changes in the Gambling Law, the Gambling Center was supposed to start operations on January 4, 2021. An official website has also been launched.
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