Ian Catchik, BetGames: ICE London, T-Kick, Hybrid Games and More

Earlier this year, BetGames partnered with Twain Sport to launch a soccer-inspired hybrid game that could offer a range of betting options. Complementing the 2022 T-Basket, T-Kick will take center stage at the ICE BetGames booth next week.

Ian Katchik, director of product and business development at BetGames, spoke to SBC about the launch of the new game and how sports betting operators can help keep players who have enjoyed the World Cup.

SBC: Congratulations on the launch of T-Kick. Why is now the perfect time to launch a football-inspired hybrid game?

IK: Thank you! The successful launch of T-Basket has allowed us to learn more about our customers’ needs and what we can do with this exciting new offering. We know that our players love football, which is why we always wanted to provide football-themed games, and of course that means offering the best products.

Launching the T-Basket game allowed us to understand that the majority of players used the product during off-peak hours. That is why T-Kick has added over 6,000 matches, giving users more betting options every month. We are excited to introduce a new blockbuster game to the world of sports betting. We are particularly looking forward to presenting this game at ICE this week.

SBC: What do users get when watching a T-Kick match or tournament?

IK: T-Kick is a game where two players face off against each other for 1 minute. The goal is to score as many points as possible, with various targets lighting up inside the goalposts throughout the game. Like T-Basket, the tournament is played every hour, with a group stage followed by knockout rounds. Athletes don’t know how many points their opponents score with each hit, which adds to the excitement.

You can bet on 15 games per hour for 14 hours every day. For operators, user interface, data and streaming are offered as a SaaS solution in one package. This is a one of a kind product and I have no doubt that it will be a hit. 

SBC: Why did you want to make the most of T-Kick’s momentum in a short 1 minute match?

IK: We have a wealth of user data and we know that our clients want high-quality content that is easy to digest and provides dynamic excitement. We originally planned to release a longer game, but consumer analysis forced us to change our plans to better match demand to what we’ve found through our research.

SBC: How can T-Kick be used to retain players after the end of the 2022 FIFA World Cup?

IK: The structure of T-Kick is extremely flexible, allowing players to join at any time and take part in individual matches or bet on the tournament itself. This flexibility allows T-Kick to cater to all player preferences, regardless of age or demographic, and allows players to consume the short content they like.

We see that this product fills a big gap in the market and we look forward to its rollout in Europe and beyond.

SBC: From an operator’s perspective, how can games like T-Kick and T-Basket «bridge the gap» between content demand and new revenue streams?

IK: Both products are fully managed, where the operator can put everything in the hands of the BetGames team, and we will manage transactions, user interface, UX, data and broadcasts. We often hear demands for better and more frequent sports content.

All this is provided through agreements with independent leagues and hybrid sports federations, where more than 10,000 games are played monthly.

SBC: Looking at integrity, what are the key issues for a fast-paced game like this one? And how will Sportradar’s FDS help Twain Sport ensure the highest level of fairness in every game?

IK: We have created multiple levels of integrity and this has been one of the key foundations on which we have built and launched Twain Sport. In addition to all expected risk management measures, additional security and monitoring operations are in place.

It also helped that independent sports federations and leagues place a high value on integrity and also use Sportradar. These measures culminate in ensuring the highest level of integrity in professional sports in the world.

That is why in-house and independent experts at multiple levels scrutinize every shot at every event and help educate all stakeholders in the sports and operations sectors so they can be as confident as possible.

SBC: Can we expect new hybrid games in 2023?

IK: We have exciting plans for our portfolio and as with T-Basket, the launch of T-Kick is an opportunity to learn more about players’ needs and develop them accordingly.

In addition, a number of new initiatives will be introduced to increase the number of matches and betting opportunities available to players. We will update you on the roadmap and future plans after the launch of T-Kick, but we look forward to the evolution of Twain Sport that will benefit players and operators alike.

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