FAVBET assisted the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in conducting a national study on gambling addiction

The international company FAVBET acted as a patron of the country’s first large-scale study of gambling addiction, initiated by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The purpose of the study is to create government guidelines for the prevention and treatment of gambling addiction.

This is the first initiative of the Ministry of Health of this level to draw attention to the problem of gambling against the backdrop of a rapidly growing legal gambling market. A large-scale survey was conducted by the Responsible Gaming Center (RGC) public association, the Sociological Research Center Socioinform and specialists from the Institute of Psychiatry, Forensic Psychiatric Examination and Drug Monitoring of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

The main task of an interdisciplinary team of scientists, doctors, psychologists, lawyers and sociologists is to establish the norms of pathological and problematic gaming behavior, which will be used to create profiles of positive and problem gamblers.

In the future, it is planned to use the results of the research to create a number of products that are important in preventing harm from gambling both at the state level and at the level of gambling companies, as well as directly between players. In particular, these are: 

  • Recommendations for gambling operators regarding identifying players with problematic or pathological gambling behaviors, as well as an algorithm of actions for providing them with timely assistance.
  • Recommendations for the state to improve the availability of medical and social assistance for players with problematic or pathological gambling behavior.
  • Recommendations for the implementation of treatment protocols for people with gambling addiction.
  • Action algorithms for players and self-help recommendations to prevent the risk of gambling addiction.

The press service of the company said: «International practice shows that it is gambling operators who drive research and measures aimed at preventing and treating gambling addiction. We have always been committed to responsible gambling, and are happy to support the Ministry of Health in conducting the first such study. This is a really important step not only for the ministry but also for the entire legal gambling industry in Ukraine, which is currently undergoing a decisive phase of regulation and development.»

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