Sportradar Unveils Innovative Computer Vision System at ICE London

Sports technology solutions provider Sportradar last week used ICE London as a high-end launchpad for its latest AI-powered Computer Vision technology, which was trained to see and understand visual input such as digital images and video.

During the event, the company hosted a series of live table tennis demos, hosting multiple matches each day, to visualize the transformative potential of Computer Vision and AI for the betting industry and the media.

The Computer Vision demo, which used a single camera to analyze 120 FPS live video, showed the technology to transform the viewing experience, turning each video frame into a digital asset for dynamic content.

According to Sportradar, the speed at which Computer Vision can collect data will enable the creation of new products such as micro-bets, facilitating faster betting cycles in markets not tied to the final score of a match.

Another key feature of this technology is its ability to attract fans through virtual advertising. Using cutting-edge digital technology, brands can enhance fan engagement with 3D animations and dynamic contextual billboards that update as the match progresses.

Luca Pataki, Product Director for Computer Vision at Sportradar, said: «There are two great aspects to this technology. One is that it creates so much more data that is keeping players longer on the live stream. And that immediately means that they are engaged for longer. 

It also facilitates a better micro betting experience, because the process of data collection to trading can be automated. That allows us to start building odds and markets extremely fast. We are talking about 30-second cycles from placing the bet to getting the result. So it’s very interesting for newer generations of bettors with a shorter attention span.»

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