Podcast Review: CEO of Future Anthem, Leigh Nissim, Calls for the Industry to Keep Innovating

Before gaming Leigh Nissim, CEO of Future Anthem, worked in Marks and Spencers, but did not enjoy retail. After university, he had experience in the finance and insurance market, got a job in banking, but also turned that down to join the Internet.

“Since then I found my real place in technology and digital journeys. So very happy I landed like that,” he mentioned.

In the recent podcast for CasinoBeats Nissim recalls his past, people that he’s met throughout his time in the sector, his progress through the industry, and the major changes in the field. 

Describing his path to the industry he mentioned Gary Shaw, who had a white-label business in 2005. 

“Gary was setting up something that was a white-label business watching Gala, Yahoo, and bing and we got along very well so I came into the business being a digital guy coming into gambling. Garry gave me some really good advice – just play lots of poker and familiarize with the product!

“I was playing about 15-20 hours of poker a week early doors and I got very familiar with the products and that was my pathway in the industry.”

He pointed out that the key thing in his career was people. Some of them were his customers, another category was people he was working with. 

“Everyone’s kind of on a mindset, and there’s quite a lot of similarity, in terms of outlook and I’ve always enjoyed that.

As a B2B, you get the chance to work with all businesses where there are all sorts of different people. It’s very sociable like that. I’ve had the opportunity, fortunately, to work with a lot of people and to have them as my customers as well.” 

Nissim also recalls 2007, when Evolution was just starting, and the company touted its new technology, which made them one of the industry’s leaders today creating a whole new category from almost nothing. 

“I can honestly point to the up to 10 monumental moments where either companies or industry have had to totally transform themselves in regulations or technologies and they have.

“Again, I think it is one of the reasons I’ve stated, as well as the people, the importance of this ability to constantly change and innovate relatively quickly.” 

In the end, he also left a request to the community to leave room for innovation. 

“We’re bringing AI to the industry, and much of this is about innovation, new ways of doing things. This is one area where I think we could all benefit from a little bit more speed because when you work with clients, they have regulatory changes that deal with new market launches or they’re going through substantial change through restructuring or acquisitions.

“My request is to make sure all of you that you need enough through your roadmaps for innovation because those that do will be the ones that rewrite market share.”

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