English Premier League Clubs to Voluntary Ditch Front-of-Shirt Gambling Ads

The government of the UK looks likely to agree to a deal with the Premier League which would see gambling sponsors’ names taken off the front of football shirts, BBC reports

However, betting companies will still be allowed to advertise on the secondary placements on their jerseys and at stadiums during EPL games as well.

Currently, there has not been a vote among Premier League clubs to refuse to place logos of gambling companies. It will be necessary for 14 out of 20 teams to vote positively for the agreement to be accepted. However, eight Premier League clubs have existing contracts with betting companies, including those involving the placement of the logo on football shirts.

A complete ban on gambling advertising on club shirts and stadiums is also being considered by the government.

Campaigners for a wider ban say gambling sponsorship in football has normalized the industry, and that tighter regulation is needed to protect children and other vulnerable groups.

At the same time, the Betting and Gambling Council, which represents the industry, said the “overwhelming majority” of the 22.5 million people in the UK who bet each month, do so “safely and responsibly”.

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