How women are destroying stereotypes in the gaming industry

For a long time, gambling was considered a male-dominated area of business. Women who are passionate about gaming often face sexism and stereotypes that prevent them from advancing in the gaming ecosystem. However, in recent years, female gamers are breaking barriers and changing the way the world is viewed. Actively developing their passion for games and resisting stereotypes and prejudices, these women have left their mark on the industry.

According to Dentsu’s «Gaming India Report 2022 — For The Game», 46% of gamers in India are women. Payal Dhare, also known as Payal Gaming, a prominent creator of 8Bit Creatives, believes that women bring unique perspectives, ideas and creativity to the industry, which she believes drive innovation and progress.

Krutika Ojha, aka Krutika Plays, another creator of 8Bit Creatives, agreed with Payal’s opinion: «Embracing diversity and inclusion in the gaming industry is a goal that we are constantly striving towards. The gaming industry can tap into a wider pool of talent, ideas, and perspectives, and create games that appeal to a more diverse audience. This not only helps to drive the growth of the industry, but it also helps to break down barriers and stereotypes associated with gaming. The push for greater diversity and inclusion in the gaming industry is not only important for women, but for the industry as a whole.»

Female programmers, animators, video game testers, game writers and audio engineers who have made great strides in the video game industry are pursuing their dreams of making a career in this exciting industry.

There are also several well-known game creators who have left financially secure jobs for a gaming career, such as Kaashvi Hiranandani, also known as Kaash Plays. She started streaming video games on Youtube at the age of 25 while working as a financial advisor, but later quit her job to become a full-time streamer.

Kaashvi said there are many opportunities for young people to get involved in esports, such as as game writers who write stories and dialogue, or as game producers who manage game development virtually from concept to completion. Reality is also a space that everyone can explore and benefit from.

Women in gaming are not limited to esports and streamers, they have also made themselves known by creating their own startups. Richa Singh, co-founder and CEO of FanClash, Asia’s largest fantasy esports platform, debunked widespread stereotypes and proved that women can lead the gaming business and be one of the key players in the industry.

Women not only break stereotypes in the gaming ecosystem, but also prove their place in the industry and change the perception of it. It is important that we continue to encourage inclusivity and diversity in gaming so that everyone feels welcome in this rapidly evolving industry.

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