PokerMatch International Issued an Official Statement With Regards to PokerMatch Ukraine Being Sanctioned In Ukraine

On March 10, The National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine imposed sanctions on 120 individuals and 287 companies in Ukraine. PokerMatch International Brand Partners are on the sanctions list due to their alleged ties to Russia.

The company has informed its partners that the sanctions will not affect the international operations of the PokerMatch brand. The company has not abandoned its plans to expand into new territories and continues to fully serve its existing customers, including the fulfillment of all obligations.

The PokerMatch brand also deeply regrets the inclusion of its partners in the sanctions list and considers this decision a mistake.

The PokerMatch brand is at the center of the sports poker renaissance in Ukraine. With the support of PokerMatch, the Ukrainian national sports poker team was able to debut at the World Sports Poker Championship and win, giving Ukraine another bright moment on the world sports arena. PokerMatch helped Ukraine open a sports poker club.

Ukraine is one of the founding countries of the official International Sports Poker Federation. Recently, the federation has been actively negotiating with the International Olympic Committee to include sports poker in the competition program, and PokerMatch also provides support to the Ukrainian military and Ukrainian families in need.

The company has no doubt that the honest name of their partner will be protected by all available legal means and the state will change its position in relation to the company, devoted to Ukraine.

PokerMatch brand supports the Ukrainian government’s efforts to clear the market of illegal operators and companies associated with Russia. In this difficult matter, in a state of war, mistakes can certainly be made, and the Ukrainian government did the right thing by taking swift and decisive action. However, she also expects that there will be opportunities to find joint solutions to serious problems and contentious situations through open dialogue with the authorities. The company will continue to closely monitor developments.
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