Sportradar Revenue Up 30% in 2022

Sportradar, the largest Swiss company providing statistics to bookmakers and sports associations, has published its results for the past year (2022).

Sales in 2022 were up 30% year-on-year to $781.3M, slightly above the 2022 forecast: earlier forecasts predicted Sportradar’s annual sales to be in the range of $768.8M to $774M.

Sportradar’s total profit in 2022 was $11.2M, down 22.3% from the previous year ($13.7M).

In addition to the annual financial statements, Sportradar has also released Q4 2022 results. During the reporting period, the company recorded revenue of $220.7 million, up 35% year-on-year.

Sportradar has released revenue forecasts for the current fiscal year 2023. The company’s analysts forecast current year revenues of between $965.1 million and $984.4 million.

In addition to providing sports statistics, Sportradar specializes in identifying match-fixing. According to recently released information, the company predicts a new record for the number of potentially illegal matches in 2022 – more than 1,000.

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