Setanta Sports and Esports Organization Monaspa Became Partners

The largest regional media, Setanta Sports, is entering into a new partnership with Georgian esports organization Monaspa, which in itself means a multifaceted new experience for the viewers.

This partnership includes information campaigns, a new direction of broadcasting, and more interactions. Setanta Sports and Monaspa are planning a number of activities within the framework of cooperation. One of the goals is to increase awareness and perception of esports. On the other hand, it offers a new experience to current viewers and players.

Monaspa is the first Georgian esports organization founded in June 2019. Monaspa aims to represent Georgia at the highest level in various esports disciplines around the globe.

Recently, the Georgian esports team won a ticket to the Dota Pro Circuit Division I. Monaspa is among the 8 best teams in Europe. According to the team members, this is almost the same achievement as if the Georgian team played in the playoffs of the Champions League.

“It is very important for Monaspa’s development to have a media partner, because people should hear about our success as well. Our cooperation with Setanta Sports is particularly important because, like us, it operates both in the Georgian and foreign markets.

At the same time, a very important factor is that Setanta Sports believed in us and understood how large-scale this space is and how much potential it has in the future, both for e-sports in general and for Monaspa in particular,” noted the organization.

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