FAVBET App Offers a ‘Lite Mode’ to Optimize for Weaker Internet Connection

The FAVBET application has introduced a ‘Lite Mode’ setting, which allows players to have a high-quality gaming experience even when their Internet connection is weak. This setting is now available for both Android and iOS versions of the app.

This new mode allows the company’s apps to be used even during massive blackouts or power outages with minimal internet connectivity. 

“We have thoroughly reviewed traffic consumption, turned off everything that wasn’t important for gaming, optimized app performance, and reduced the number of autoloads. 

That is, we only left the things you need to continue to comfortably use the app and enjoy the game,” the company said in a statement.

The user can activate ‘Lite Mode’ in the settings. Activating it will prevent the app from automatically downloading advertising images and game covers. It will also limit the frequency of background updates to reduce traffic.

However, the app’s functionality will remain unchanged. Additional charge saving may also be achieved by switching the app to a dark theme.

For a better user experience and comfort, FAVBET continues to improve its apps and optimize the ‘Lite Mode’. 

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