Kazakhstan Introduces New Rules For Keeping Records of Players’ Bets at Bookmakers and Sweepstakes Operators

According to Zakon.kz, the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Kazakhstan has developed new rules for receiving, accounting and storing information about the rates of each bettor (including electronic ones), odds, winnings and payments.

The rules oblige bookmakers and sweepstakes operators to accept bets from players only using the Betting Center.

A short description of the changes in the rules published on the Zakon.kz website contains the following information:

“Betting companies and sweepstakes through hardware and software systems connected via communication networks to the Betting Center:

  1. keep an online account of all accepted bets for each bettor, indicating the method of payment for the bet (cash or non-cash, including electronic money);
  2. determine the bettors who are subject to pay certain amounts of winnings;
  3. keep a record of the amounts of winnings payable and paid out for each bettor to whom winnings are accrued and paid, indicating the Individual Identification Number information, details of identity documents, the date of accrual and payment of winnings.

Information is recorded for the purpose of transfer to the tax authorities and the authorized body for financial monitoring.”
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