EvenBet Gaming Shared What Needs to be Accounted For to Launch a New Online Poker Offering

According to SBC News, EvenBet Gaming, a leading provider of online poker solutions, has launched an innovative B2B online poker solution that aims to revolutionize the way businesses interact with online poker. Dmitry Starostenkov, CEO of EvenBet Gaming, spoke about the important aspects of creating a successful online poker room.

In the Latin America region, operators are constantly working to improve the digital services they offer to consumers using the latest poker content.

However, it is clear that operators make common mistakes by offering poor quality products or entering unprofitable markets. Starting something new, especially in the business of gambling, it is important to have a unique vision and a good understanding of the challenges that arise in everyday work.

Poker Network is a network solution that includes white label poker software and is the best option for operators with no industry experience or with a large user base and a limited budget.

Joining a poker network provides high liquidity, easy room management, a fast start-up process and lower operating costs.

Standalone poker rooms are ideal for operators who value independence and want to be completely customized. This model gives the operator full control over the back office, setting all the rules and managing all the metrics.

This model allows operators to fine-tune their marketing strategy and maximize profits. For example, with the right developer, operators can install powerful CRM (customer relationship management) systems, a wide range of bonuses, promotions and jackpots.

Regulation is one of the ever-evolving trends in the global gaming industry and is important to ensure a clear framework for operators and player protection.

Factors to consider include understanding the regulatory environment in which you operate; management of certificates, licenses and compliance systems; timely updating of regulatory requirements.

Given the geographic complexity of licensing and compliance in multiple jurisdictions, companies will benefit from having a compliance officer or consultant who is aware of all regulatory aspects to properly assess and manage possible risks.

Design and vision of the user interface (UI) of online poker rooms is another important aspect that should be seriously considered.

The extent of customization can vary from person to person as operators need to know if the basic design product is competitive in their market. Simple and inexpensive personalization by the operator can be achieved by retaining the supplier’s design and personalizing only the logo.

However, if operators prioritize the unique look and feel of software from the start of a project, they should invest enough time and effort to achieve the desired result.

To help operators understand potential pitfalls and implement solutions to avoid problems, the EvenBet team has created a helpful ebook that addresses all common mistakes so operators can run an efficient poker program without any hassle.

You can view the brochure here!
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