A New Stage of Technological Development: Bologna FC 1909 Implements Opta Vision to Improve their Game

Serie A veterans Bologna FC are set to be the first to use Stats Perform’s Opta Vision technology, which transmits accurate data enhanced by artificial intelligence.

Opta Vision is setting up a new scouting and team analysis process management system, using computer vision and machine learning to capture player movement data.

The Bologna FC recruiting team plans to embed Opta Vision data into a new internal data center to analyze the contributions of players in different team formations, playing styles, situations and circumstances at certain points in a match.

Bologna and Stats Perform have a longstanding partnership that includes a wide range of Opta and Stats Perform services to improve the team’s playing performance. These services include event and tracking data collection, physical analysis tools, fitness information, performance index reports for Bologna players, and GPS camera and tracker systems.

Giovanni Sartori, Director of Football at Bologna FC 1909, said: «The new Opta Vision data set represents a valuable tool that will guarantee the Club’s technical area an improvement in the scouting process, integrating traditional channels with a large study of high quality and rapid use data.»

Matthieu Lille-Palette, Head of Stats Perform’s Pro services in Europe, added: «We are delighted such a storied club as Bologna FC 1909 were so quick to see the potential in Opta Vision for their recruitment strategy. We’re confident it will give them far deeper insights across more players than ever before, whilst significantly simplifying their workflows, by combining both player movement and action data into a single source.»

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