YouGov: 77% of UK Football Fans Support Gambling Sponsorship Ban

A recent poll by YouGov (a UK-based international Internet market research and data analytics company) found that over three-quarters (77%) of football fans in the UK support a ban on sports gambling sponsorship.

The poll was conducted following the announcement by Premier League clubs to ban gaming companies from matchday sponsorships starting in the 2026-2027 season.

One of the most common forms of sponsorship in sports is the advertising of gambling companies  inside stadiums and on football kits.

However, according to the majority of football fans, the sponsorship of gambling in sports has a negative effect on young people and people who are prone to gambling. The reason for this is that many people consider gambling to be harmful and an addiction that can lead to serious financial problems.

In addition, gambling sponsorship may create a conflict of interest. Football clubs can earn significant income from such sponsorship contracts, but at the same time must protect the interests of their fans and sporting values.

Premier League clubs have voluntarily agreed to this measure, but gambling companies can still sponsor shirt sleeves and pitch boards.

More than half (56%) of YouGov poll respondents said they would support a ban on infield advertising, as well as an expansion of the league and cup naming rights ban (57%).

According to experts, such decisions by football clubs can have a significant impact on the gambling industry. If the majority of football clubs in the UK stop sponsoring gambling companies, this could lead to a decrease in their income and a deterioration in their reputation.

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