BetConstruct Introduces an Innovative Blockchain Game Aimed at Changing the World of Gambling

BetConstruct introduces the world’s first game completely based on the blockchain technology — Alligator Validator.

Alligator Validator is an innovative game where every transaction is based on blockchain technology, and aims to become one of the leading breakthroughs in the iGaming market.

This game combines stunning graphics, cutting-edge game mechanics and the latest blockchain-based payment systems to create an impressive gaming experience.

Thanks to blockchain technology, additional layers of security and transparency are introduced into the game, eliminating the need for centralized third parties to control the flow of funds and process smart contracts independently.

It is also the perfect complement for all Bahamut validators, giving them the opportunity to improve their position and earn block rewards that help keep the network secure. Validators play an important role in securing the network by demonstrating their activity and validating blocks using the PoSA consensus mechanism.

Validator Partners who implement this game on their platforms not only expand their catalog of unique and exciting games, but also maximize their profit potential.

BetConstruct is confident that this innovation will be a defining factor for the future of the iGaming market and will make crypto gaming more accessible to a wider audience.

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